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Lean Culture

Many organisations see Lean as a toolbox people can use to increase efficiency and effectivness. This is not the full story. Lean is not only a toolbox but a management philosophy. It implies that organisations should also focus on creating a Lean culture.
At Improof Solutions, we think that organisations reach a Lean culture once everyone works according to our 5 principles:
  • Respect for People
  • Voice of Customer and Society
  • Shared Vision & Goals
  • Learning to See Losses
  • Autonomous Problem Solving
Among others, we will work on following themes when engaged in a Lean Culture change assignment:
  • Introduce the Voice of Customer principle through the organisation
  • Help your organisation to visualize performance using relevant KPI's
  • Develop a relevant meeting structure to improve downward and upward communication and ensure problem solving
  • Introduce workteams to teach people how to respect each other, learn to see losses in their jobs and learn to resolve issues in project teams
  • Launch 5S programs to develop a culture of excellence regarding work place organisation