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Program Management

A program is required when your organisation is willing to implement Operational Excellence or Lean transversally at all levels. 

Our Program Management service is composed by 6 blocs: 

  • Program Management: Program Management, stricto sensu, means that we provide support to the management team to steer the program in the best possible way. Program Management includes putting in place an effective communication strategy around Lean in the organisation, governing the program, developing a master plan, managing stakeholders and risks
  • Assessment: any program starts with a baseline assessment to align the organisation on the current maturity level and show the potential. During the implementation phase, Maturity Assessments are also performed to evaluate how the organisation grows in maturity. Learn More
  • Training: At all phases of the program, we invest in training the people so they learn how to implement Lean principles and tools by themselves. Trainings help to implement and sustain a Lean Culture. Our porftolio of trainings includes modules adapted to all levels within your organisation; from shopfloor to top management Learn More
  • Project Management: The master plan of a program is composed by projects. These projects are defined according to the gains they can bring. During projects, we act as external facilitator whose role is to make sure project teams use Lean principles and tools at all phases. Learn More
  • Lean Culture: Many organisations see Lean as a toolbox people can use to increase efficiency and effectivness. This is not the full story. Lean is not only a toolbox but a management philosophy. It implies that organisations should also focus on creating a Lean culture. Learn More
  • Coaching: In addition to training, it is important to coach people individually to ensure everyone is aligned with the vision, goals and culture. We provie coaching to projects team members, internal facilitators, middle and top managers. Once our engagement is over, trained persons will be the main ambassadors of Lean within the organisation Learn More

While a program includes support on all 6 pillars, we can also support your organisation on one or several pillar(s) separately.