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Thanks to over 10 years of implementation knowledge and capability building in Operational Excellence and Lean, Improof Solutions is recognised as a valuable and high-quality training partner.

Our training portfolio includes modules on Operational Excellence from shop floor to top management. 

Part of the value of our interactive trainings comes from a series of simulation games. By putting theory into practise right away, our training participants understand principles and concepts faster, having fun in the process.

Our latest addition is Lean Construction, finally breaking through in Belgium 












Improof Training Simulation 1


Improof Training Simulation 2


Our training offer includes but is not limited to:

         •        Intro Lean manufacturing

         •        Intro Lean office

         •        Intro Lean construction

         •        Lean planning

         •        Lean leadership

         •        Strategy and KPI deployment

         •        Change management basics

         •        5S-Workplace Organisation

         •        Environment, Health & Safety practices

         •        Kaizen

         •        Small Group Activity

         •        Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

         •        Visual performance management

         •        Makigami mapping

         •        Value Stream mapping

         •        Levelled Scheduling

         •        Autonomous Maintenance

         •        Planned Maintenance