Why choose us


We help organisations grow the capabilities of their people to increase customer satisfaction and profit.
We do this by implementing proven Industry Best Practices stemming from Lean, Six Sigma, Total Productive Management, Business Process Optimisation, High Performing Teams, Change Management, Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation
  • 15+ years Operational Excellence experience in Industry, Services, Transport and Logistics
  • 40+ clients supported
  • 200+ improvement projects facilitated
  • 1000+ people trained in Operational Excellence
What this means to you is that we can help you
  1. Improve your performance, including turnaround work
  2. Build the skills of your people so that you can profit from the knowledge after we leave
  3. Increase your market attractiveness


What makes us unique is that we come with a holistic and customized approach Improof Solutions Navigator that builds your organisational maturity


Once engaged we will:

  • Listen to your story and make sure we understand your needs
  • Partner with you, acting as one team towards success
  • Tell you what we believe is best, not just what you want to hear
  • Create a tailor-made program to address your performance issues
  • Teach your people to identify losses and wastes
  • Develop capabilities, know-how and understanding
  • Leave behind a Sustainable Continuous Improvement process


For large companies, we have chosen to work with https://traccsolution.com as an Operational Excellence platform because this solution supports our Vision.