TRACC is an Integrative Improvement System (iiS) that creates Operational Excellence competitive advantage across your end-to-end value chain by

   •     integrating functional and process-based best practices

   •     developing skills and talents through engagement, training and collaboration

   •     transforming your culture to deliver sustainable competitive advantage

TRACC measures Continuous Improvement maturity of process industry manufacturing entities and acts as an Operational Excellence GPS that builds up your organisation's capability over multiple years in 15 plus languages.

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Improof Solutions is a business partner of Competitive Capabilities International Inc, USA, owner of TRACC.
Improof Solutions chooses to work with TRACC because it is the only systematic approach for multi-site companies in the process industry with known competence to guide those companies to advanced levels of maturity in Operational Excellence.  TRACC combines TPM, Lean, Six Sigma and High Performing Work Teams. TRACC places people development and operator- and employee-empowerment at the centre of its model just like companies like Toyota, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and General Electric all industry leaders in Continuous Improvement do.

TRACC excels in its simplicity, result orientation and clarity of use. Improof Solutions is delighted to guide the implementation of TRACC at many food, beverage and chemicals companies and sites over the last 10 years