Lean Culture

Lean culture can be described as the sum of Mindsets and Behaviors of all people in an organisation focusing on the Lean principles

  • Respect for People
  • Voice of Customer and Society
  • Shared Vision and Goals
  • Learning to see Losses
  • Autonomeous Problem Solving

Growing Lean Mindsets and Behaviors can be done through organisational climate surveys.  They should lead to understanding Mindset and Behaviour Strengths and Weaknesses. Management teams can address weaknesses by aligning on a shared set of Mindset and Behaviour aspirations and develop implementation practices to put them in practice.

Leader Standard Work is a Lean management practice that is very helpful for implementing Lean Mindsets and Behaviors. Leaders should include Teaching and Coaching people in their daily standard work. Leader Standard Work should fo us on building and monitoring Understanding, Knowledge, Skills, Motivation and Beliefs among people on how to run the operations.