Thanks to over 10 years of implementation knowledge and capability building in Operational Excellence and Lean, Improof Solutions is recognised as a valuable and high-quality training partner.

Our training portfolio includes modules on Operational Excellence from shop floor to top management. 

Part of the value of our interactive trainings comes from a series of simulation games. By putting theory into practise right away, our training participants understand principles and concepts faster, having fun in the process.












Improof Training Simulation 1


Improof Training Simulation 2


Our training offer includes but is not limited to:

         •        Intro Lean manufacturing

         •        Intro Lean office

         •        Strategy and KPI deployment

         •        Visual performance management

         •        Yellow, Green, Black belt problem solving

         •        Lean leadership

         •        Change management basics

         •        5S-Workplace Organisation

         •        Environment, Health & Safety practices

         •        Kaizen

         •        Small Group Activity

         •        Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

         •        Makigami mapping

         •        Value Stream mapping

         •        Levelled Scheduling

         •        Work Balancing

         •        Autonomous Maintenance

         •        Planned Maintenance 

         •        Train the Trainer

         •        Give and receive feedback

         •        Conflict resolution

         •        Team building 

         •        Coaching basics